One form of dominance that really excites me is the physical control. There is something really erotic about having a man truly helpless, trapped in my many different deadly holds. When I wrap my long, silky, powerful legs around you and you start to beg to breath, it will sounds like music to my ears, you begging for mercy will prevent me from sending you to scissors heaven but will never get you free. It’s what I call Brazilian jail, leg jail!

Men have been controlled by women in many different ways, although many won’t admit it, and now they have to surrender and give up the only thing that was left, the physical dominance.
Most women can only dream about what they would enjoy doing to a man if they were only stronger.....I don't have such dreams....because I can do it, I like it, I’m strong.

Listen up boys... I do not engage in any activity of sexual nature or any activity prohibited by law.

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