You might request how the session will start but I will tell you how it will end: You totally overwhelmed, helpless, submitting, and begging as a good man should. I will wrestle you into submission; you can only last in my holds as long as I want, I can finish you off in matter of seconds, or just keep you there, nice and miserable. My strength and skills along with my sensual Brazilian power will make you weak and I will turn you into my boy toy and make you worship my powerful muscles. You can’t stop me!

It won’t do any good to try to resist, the more you resist the more it will hurt, be a good boy and don’t waist energy, for every action there is an cost. I will have the control, no matter what it will cost… you. Don’t let your ego write checks your body can’t cash!

Type of sessions I enjoy:
For detailed explanation on each type of session bellow CLICK HERE

Muscle/body worship
Scissor sessions
Beat downs
Boxing/Belly punching

Things I often sprinkle in or emphasize in my sessions:

Smothering/face sitting
Foot fetish
Nipple torture
Ball busting

Complete the Prospective Session Form

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I accept incalls or outcalls . For incalls, I have a facility with mats located in Pacific Beach area in San Diego, Ca. For outcalls previous arrangement must be made.

Be a good victim and prepare yourself

Time: Please remember that time is a valuable commodity. I expect you to be on time for your appointment. If a delay arises, have the courtesy to call and inform me of the situation. I will be most understanding when treated with respect. If for some reason you are unable to make your appointment, I expect you to have the courtesy to call and cancel or reschedule with most advance as possible.

Personal Hygiene: It’s very exciting to surrender a man who is clean and smell good so make sure you have your shower and are well groomed, if you cannot cope that with your schedule I might be able to provide you a shower when you arrive, with prior arrangements. If you are a smoker, you must ensure you have fresh breath before our session begins (bring mints).

Attire: Have a pair of clean shorts and t-shirt, a must for competitive and semi-competitive sessions. If you tend to sweat a lot bring extra t-shirts.

PS: If you intend to be a bad boy bring some ice packs and padded underwear. You will need it.

Listen up boys... I do not engage in any activity of sexual nature or any activity prohibited by law.


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