What is about private sessions that you enjoy?

 Definably, the control/domination aspect of it!! It’s very erotic to me to have my victim totally surrender to my power regardless of his wiliness. Not to mention what I can totally do or make him do whatever I want, being able to abuse and take unfair advantage of my victim is priceless!

What is your favorite type of session?

If what I love about sessions is the aspect of control/domination, then type of session does not matter much. I’m very dominant during my sessions not matter really how I am “gaining” control or showing my power. For you to understand better: Let’s say you love ice cream, does it matter much if you eat it with a spoon or a fork? It will taste the same won’t it? Type of sessions works the same way. I can make you surrender to me with either my long powerful silky legs wrapped around you or a breathtaking smother or even an old fashion OTK spanking! Wrestling holds its just one tool I use to get what I want.

I want to arrange a session with you, what should I do?

Go to my sessions page read the information and fill out the Prospective victim’s form.

How did you get into all this? When did you discover your passion for domination?

It goes a long way back; I will give you a little background to make it more understandable. I was always beating the boys up back in Jr. High school. My dad found out about it and wanted me to learn how to defend myself (he did not know I was always the predator not the prey). He put me in Judo classes. I was 11 years old. That was when I first noticed how much I loved to pin the smaller boys down and watch their cheeks turn red as they got very frustrated trying to escape unsuccessfully. To have more fun with the whole situation I would whisper in their ears things like “Everyone is watching you lose to a girl, what you are going to do about it uh?” I knew I liked that but never really stopped to think about why. I was just a girl.
I grew up into a long legged seductive teenager and one day when I was about 16 years old I had a boyfriend push me away, he said: “Why the hell you always have to hurt me while you kiss me? What is wrong with you?” That was like a wake up call and after that I found a BDSM community online and learned that there was nothing “wrong” with me. From that time I started to explore all form of domination, physical and psychological.

Can you talk about your martial arts background?
I studied Judo when I was younger and dedicated myself to it. I competed seriously for 2 years and won several tournaments. I stopped my training when I joined college in Brazil. After I got to USA I decided to try Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in 2003 and absolutely fell in love with it. Today, I’m a serious competitor with a rank of brown belt and hold many titles that can be found in my BIO.

When you train Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is it with men or women? Do the guys feel embarrassed when they lose to you?

I train with men only. I’m the only woman in class. My teammates are good sport and they are used to have a tough girl around. Now, some new students never came back after rolling with me so, now I take easy on them until they understand that technique matters more then gender. I’m not here to dominate them, sessions and my training is two things totally different.

Are you involved in any other sports?

YES! I’m big time fan of weight lifting and hit the gym 4-5 times a week. Also I have others casual activities such tennis, volleyball, basketball, swimming, snorkeling, biking, dancing, flag football and rollerblading! Oh yeah, I also love shooting! (indoor/outdoor)

What is your education background?

I’m Certified Fitness Specialist and Certified Personal Trainer, and am working on my degree in Exercise Physiology. I’m also very fan of linguistics and I speak 3 languages. Oh, I can’t miss the change to brag about my 4.0GPA!!

What is your Ethnic background?

I’m from Brazil, Sao Paulo State but I came from mix of Italian, Portuguese and Brazilian Indian!

Can I be on your videos?

Yes! Send me a headshot and body shot and whom have you done videos for (if any) also provide, your stats, what your interests, talents and limits are, if you have any begging experience(you will need it) etc.  I’m really only interested in people who can really commit to a shoot and who will sign an e model release will provide me with two copies of photo ID as required by law. (For records purposes only)

Do you really do REAL competitive matches where I can try as hard as I can to win?

Yes! Until Dec.2006 I did competitive matches with anyone who wanted to try a shot against me but as effective as Jan. 2007 I have new restrictions for victims who think they can be an opponent. Please check the info under Sessions.

Have you ever broken guy’s ribs or knocked guys out with your legs?

Yes! Twice, one was intentionally, the bastard deserved and the other was accidentally, he had a Big ego and refused to submit to my power. That cracking sound sounded like music to my ears. As far as knock outs I have lost account of how many victims got closer to scissor heaven in between my smooth thighs!

Will you do session in nude or topless?

NO… NÃO...NON…NEIN… رفض…いいえ… Αριθ…HET…NR…!!!!!!!!

Do you do custom video or pictures?

Yes! E-mail me with full details.

What type of sessions you won’t do?

Lift & carry- I don’t see any dominance aspect of a woman picking up a man.  I have picked up and carried a 300lb guy who is friend of mine just to see if I could do it, you know-- a challenge. But don’t ask me to carry you around for the whole session!

Arm-wrestling- love to arm wrestle and watch my victims humiliated face of defeat!! But, due to chronic tendonitis on both elbows I have not arm-wrestled since 2004.

Feats of Strength- I love the feeling of my power over my victims. I can’t feel that if all I do in a session is push ups and lift furniture. Let me get my hands and legs on you until you start to beg. Then you tell me if you felt my power or not..that is if you can at all.

What are your best lifts?

Leg Press: 800lb for 10 reps
Adduction chair:* 200lb for 10 reps
Bench press: 120lb for 2 reps
Lat pull down: 140lb for 2/3 reps
Biceps curl: 40lb 1RM
Maximum push ups: 35
Maximum pull ups: 10

* This exercise works the inner thigh muscles only, is the one I squeeze my knees together like I do to your neck, but no neck can put out 200lb resistance:)

What are your measurements?

I ‘m 5’ 8” built with 135lb formed into lean sexy curves, I have a 34C bust and incredibly long legs with a inseam of 36” in length and 25” thighs. My calves are 14” and shoe size 9. My hard biceps measure 12”, waist 27” and a 37” round Brazilian gluts. Keep in mind that my physique is actually only one of the aspects of my power.

I want to send you a gift, where should I send?

Check my wish list for the address and gift ideas.

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